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Whedon Art: Jossverse Fanart Challenge
Challenge 6 
2nd-May-2008 08:45 am
Fanfiction by purplefeen
Hi, it's Gabrielle again. Shannon is still sidelined, so I am here with the latest challenge:

Remember to use the header and tag entries correctly so you can be included in the voting.

If it's not worksafe it must be behind a cut. I don't have the time or desire to moderate this comm so please don't make it necessary. Yes we're listed as an adult content community but that doesn't mean that someone doesn't occaisonally have small children wandering by the computer...and trust me when I say children may seem oblivious to what's on the screen most of the time but if it's something they shouldn't see they will notice it.

This week's challenge is: Romance

Have at it! And remember that all entries are due by May 16th.
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